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Escort Frequently Asked Questions (Escort FAQ)

Would you let me lick those pretty feet of yours?


Well.....I do get weekly pedicures so have at it if you must lol.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Have You Left The Indy Area Permanently?
2. If You Dislike Tattoos Then Would You Still See Someone With Tattoos?
3. What Should Be Put In The Message Section?
4. If Already An RS2K Member Do You Still Need To Verify Me?
5. As Beautiful As You Are Why Don't You Charge More?
6. What Is Your Policy On Non-Working Students?
7. I Am New So What Is The Difference Between Incall And Outcall?
8. I Would Love To Take You To A Live Concert. Choices?
9. Are You Listed On Escortstoo.com?
10. Fan Club Activation Code Not Working, Would You Please Resend?
11. Do You Have Reviews On TER?
12. Do You Ever Visit The Minneapolis Area?
13. Hi There: I Was Wondering How Often Do You Visit Louisville?
14. I Have Questions About Our Time Together. Is It Ok To Ask?
15. Are You Open And Comfortable To Roleplaying & Fantasy?
16. what do you want in reference provider lines on form?
17. I Am Retired. How Am I Verified?
18. What is your favorite cologne on a man?
19. Do you ever make appointments out as far as two weeks?
20. What To Do If I Am A Self Employee?
21. I Am Retired / I Work From Home. Now What Do I Do For Verification?
22. Would You Be Willing To Book A Complete Night At The Sybaris?
23. Do You Smoke Marlboro Reds?
24. Do You Travel To Ft. Wayne?
25. Do You See Couples?
26. Do You Ever Travel To Las Vegas?
27. Do You Have Tattoos
28. What Size Shoes Do You Wear
29. Would you let me lick those pretty feet of yours?
30. How Recent Are Your Pictures?
31. Would You Be Willing To Accomodate Younger Men?
32. You're a sexy lady! How tall are you?
33. Outcall at Hotels by Airport?
34. What is RSK2 (googling doesn't help)?
35. Are You From England. I Have Noticed You Use The "Queen's English" In Your Writing
36. Re "employment verification": with whom do you verify?
37. I'm a nervous first timer. Can our first visit go slowly?
38. may I request to use your shower?
39. is time spent at dinner or music event the same as private time?
40. Is there a charge to join fan club?
41. Are You Ever Available On Sundays?
42. Am I required To Provide My Legal Name Or Can I Use An Alias?
43. I emailed you my phone number for you to call me and you never did
44. How is it discreet if e-mails of my name and work are out there?
45. What is the criteria to see you?
46. Who takes all your great photos on your site?
47. Do You Entertain Older Gentlemen?
48. What is your favorite perfume?
49. Why don't you post a phone number on your website
50. Do you have any porn movies
51. Do you mind kissing if I'm a decent looking guy?
52. Do you give general massage?
53. I do not have a reference, Can I still see you?
54. How long have you been doing this?
55. Do you mind reviews
56. May I request a certain outfit?
57. Do you have a face photo?
58. Do you accept credit cards and is it safe to use credit cards
59. You are my favorite, are you still taking new clients?
60. Do You Travel?

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